#024 – Ben Lowrey Podcast – Dipti Tait

Dipti Tait began her career in TV Post Production working for the BBC in London and now describes herself as wearing lots of hats: mum of two teenage boys, lecturer, hypnotherapist and author of Good Grief.  She was drawn to becoming a Solution Focused Hypnotherapist because she loves listening, just as much as she likes talking! She is also utterly fascinated by the brain, and enjoys learning about how our brain continues to evolve, develop and change and uses her knowledge and experience to help each one of her clients understand how their brain works so they can get the best out of it, simply by changing how they think. She runs her practice from the Cotswolds in the UK, but her clients are based around the world and she regularly lectures, writes and appears on TV and radio discussing hypnotherapy, grief and solution-based approaches to mental health.

Company Name: The Cotswold Practice

Website: www.diptitait.com

Instagram: www.Instagram.com/thehypnoguru

Facebook: www.facebook.com/diptitaithypnotherapy

YouTube: www.youtube.com/user/Dipnotherapy

Twitter: @Dipnotherapy

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