#028 – Ben Lowrey Podcast – Jennifer Foster


Jennifer Foster is the creator of the Energy Dynamic Model   – a new way of understanding how people work in a humanly energetic way, and in relation to modern society. EDM was designed after working with and observing over 2,500 people over 25 years. At present Jennifer is training therapists / healers / teachers to teach this knowledge to others so enabling them to become free from their mind traps and to see what to do next to improve themselves, their immediate environments and then, step by step, the world. She is also starting up the Power Tower Project which will help people to recover from depression, mental health conditions and drug addiction and at the same time making a product to sell that is part of the EDM resource tool kit.

Website https://www.energydynamic.co.uk

YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqirNyq2FlWTIIX_abjVIJQ

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