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Simon Hinton is a highly acclaimed Transformational Coach, Thought Leader, Public Speaker, Esoteric Researcher, Energy Healer, Reiki Master Trainer, Writer, and founder of ‘The Entrepreneurs Club International’. 

He is the Creator of the following: The Quantum Law of Attraction, Quantum Power Programming, Quantum Lunar Programming, Quantum Combination Therapy, The Fractal Decad System of Integrated Ascension and the Angelic Code. He is the co-creator of Quantum Field Yoga™ with Muriel Mueller.

Simon is the Founder of the London-based Quantum Healing Practice, Light Therapy Revolution.

Simon has over three decades of international business experience, working extensively with SMEs, corporations, governments and as a director in property development in the green economy sector, marketing executive, public relations, music business and the wellness industry. He is a former Commissioning Editor of GQ Magazine and has written for the Financial Times and other notable periodicals.

As founder of ‘The Entrepreneurs Club International’ he is the creator of the ‘Win-Win Paradigm’, a ‘mutually beneficial dynamic for the good of all’, including the environment. Conscious business is his signature, based on the simple belief that practical pursuits and spiritual awareness work better when aligned, and that companies that are principled and ethical, with happy employees, are more productive and last longer.

Simon has spent over 25 years studying self-development and esoteric disciplines. 

In 2012 he channeled the Quantum Law of Attraction, a bespoke system designed to help each of us get back to our ‘true nature’, ‘essence’ or ‘flow’. When we align to our ‘natural flow’ we will benefit from increased vitality, good health, happy relationships and increased abundance. Since this time he has channeled more information to help him refine and develop this system and created an expanded ‘Quantum Law of Attraction for Business’ model.

Simon has developed proven systems to help transform your personal and business life.

In February 2013 Simon had a series of Angelic Visitations that precipitated an extraordinary unfolding of events that ultimately resulted in the reception of the Fractal Decad Light Body Ascension programme and ‘The Angelic Code’. This remarkable story with be recounted in the forthcoming book ‘The Cathars Return: Lifting the Curse of Rome’. On a practical level, and as a result of this work, Simon has been ‘given’ 1111 Rays of healing. These bestowed upon him a profound insight into the personal and business challenges of his clients and the wherewithal to clear blockages, karma and provided guided solutions.

Simon hosts regular international retreats where he teaches personal and business transformation.

Visit www.simonhinton.com for further information

Enquiries: info@simonhinton.com. Tel +44 (0) 7968 259761

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