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Penny described herself an ‘accidental entrepreneur’ for many years until she finally discovered her self-worth and realized she was one. Stepping out of employed work and into the risky world of business ownership was a powerful lesson. The catalyst for this was the opportunity Penny saw in 1998 for business people to connect online; creating the world’s first social network for business; pre-dating LinkedIn by 4 years.

Penny leads with a culture of open, real and honest contribution to the audiences she speaks to. Her intention is always to make people feel stronger, more capable and for them to see the opportunities that lie within their own ability to take personal responsibility and be a ‘leader of their own life and business.’

Penny was awarded her OBE in January 2014 for her contribution to entrepreneurship in the social digital sector.

Penny is an author of two books, “Know Me Like Me Follow Me” – 2009 and her newest book “Business is Personal” – that launched in January 2019. She understands the need to manage our emotional and mental state and our personal brands in this highly connected and open business world. Her book reads like a memoire as it is so open and allows the reader to hear the honest reality of being a business owner, reducing the issue comparison and feeling we lack due to the shiny image so often shown online.

Penny’s new book shares her own personal journey and explains the way she recovered from being broken, providing the delegates of events with a heart-warming, highly relevant set of tools and mindset to build the life they want in business.

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