#064 – Ben Lowrey Podcast – George Copeland

George Copeland is a young entrepreneur, building his business in the Property Rent-to-Rent market. 

I’m 21 & I’m a personal assistant to young adults with disabilities getting them out into the community improving their skills. I’m now part time to start my property investment business. 

Before that I had a retail job while in college & felt enclosed in 4 walls so I then moved to what I do now after I bought my first car

I’ve always thought there was more to life than a job as I’ve worked long & hard. My Dad is self employed so I’ve got that same bug from him that I don’t always have to work for someone else. Now I’m on the journey of creating my property business that will support me & my family so we can all spend our time together instead of working & being distant

What my company will be doing is renting homes from landlords that may be stressed or have little time to manage it themselves etc. It would then be managed for them, giving them a guaranteed rent. Then we’d let the properties on a room by room basis to professional Blue & White Collar professionals whom work in the local area.

Email: info@propertyshareuk.co.uk

Website: http://Propertyshareuk.co.uk

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