#071 – Ben Lowrey Podcast – Lisa Bridge-Butler

In this interview Lisa tells us about her personal journey with heavy metal poisoning and how she detoxified her body and brought herself back to health. 

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The Scan is called a CONE BEAM Scan – ask your dentist for a scan and full consultation

Try and find a holistic practitioner

(there is a lot of info about this on the biohacker FB group)

Best book

Dr Mark A Breiner Whole-Body Dentistry®: A Complete Guide to Understanding the Impact of Dentistry on Total Health

Best story

The mercury stories Daniel Forsyth

Biohacking London meet up

Dr Chris Shade  www.quicksilverscientific.com


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Lisa Bridge-Butler


Disclaimer: Lisa is not a doctor or health professional and is only talking about her experiences in order to share information for others to research for themselves  

If you have fillings or root canal or crown or cracked tooth, investigate this.

Watch the root cause on Netflix. 

Find a holistic dentist, to remove fillings properly. 

Cone beam scan £160-£200 will show you any abysses or problems. 

Do not just go to the dentist and have your Mercury out. The vapour is poisonous. 

Dentists only normally offer a 2D X-ray.

Could be root canal infection, and/or heavy metal infection.

They clean the bone, with ozone, and make sure the infection is out of the bone. 

They replace it with non metal substance. 

Mercury leaks into the blood stream. 

Mercury detox formulas can release the mercury into the blood stream so need to detox blood aswell. 

Quicksilver, formula to push mercury out, and then another formula to take it out of your blood. 

You can get your hair tested 

Tim Gray Biohacker 

Check for biohackers on Meetup


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