400 reps Planche Conditioning – Bristol 

Today I decided to work on my arm strength and do lots of dips. I was not in the mood for stretching or flexibility work because I’d already done lots of intense stretching the night before and felt I needed a rest.

I was doing 5 sets of 10 reps on each exercise, and in the end did 8 exercises, totalling 400 reps.

I’m teaching handstands at Funky Monkey Pole and Yoga studio so I don’t want to fatigue my arms too much! Also we’re beginning Handstand classes at Pink Kitten dance shool in Bristol in a few weeks.

I did a bodybuilding arm workout after this (different style of training) and am going to a mens pole class later so that will be 3 workouts today!

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Ben Lowrey is a Bristol based Acrobat, Internet Entrepreneur, Handstand Teacher, Talkshow Host & Law of Attraction enthusiast. More info >> about.me/benlowrey
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