Ambitious Handstands at Funky Monkey Studio – Bath.

Today we tackled some more difficult handstand shapes in the handstand class at Funky Monkey Studio. We worked on closing one leg at a time in straddle, we also worked on the diamond shape, and we worked on an elegant transition which goes through tuck then diamond before splitting into straddle. 


My handstands were inconsistent today because I had been bodybuilding in the 2 days prior which causes noticeable muscle fatigue & impaired control. It is an interesting point that our energy levels, mood and mental focus greatly effect our handstands because balance is such delicate thing. 
There were several instances of showstopping where people were balancing for a few seconds on their own unsupported by their spotter. We can be positive and pretend it’s easy but the truth is it takes most people years of practise to get a solid handstand. After learning for 2.5 years and only just developing a solid handstand (still inconsistently!) I would agree that it does takes year.

I am keen to keep introducing new moves into my own practise which I can then pass on to people in class.

– pressing up from crow or headstand into handstand.

– straight arm crow up and back down

– walking on hands

– walkover into bridge and kicking back from bridge into handstands 

– handstand into forward roll on hard floor

– one-arm handstand

… are all things I intend to be able to do in the coming months. I do intend to be a performing hand balancer one day and so it’s important to me that I keep progressing. 

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Ben Lowrey