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Ben Lowrey’s Showstopper Fitness Class – 11:30am – Sunday – Easton –  Bristol

This Sunday will be my first fitness class! I’ve been personal training people for a while, and teaching handstand classes, but this is the first time I’ve run a public fitness circuit.

11:30am – Sunday 11th Oct 2015 – Matter Wholefoods, Easton Bristol

£5 – More regular dates will be confirmed soon

Everybody is welcome, the emphasis is on fun, full body exercises, a range of challenging competitive movements, & team work.

Beginners are welcome. If you havn’t done much intense exercise for a while and want to have some fun and get your heart rate up then this will be perfect for you.

If you are interested in increasing your general fitness and body strength then this will be perfect for you.

We may go for food at the Greebank Pub over the road afterwards so it’s a perfect chance to meet new people too.

Here is the event page on facebook

Ben Lowrey’s custom electric guitar 

When I was 17 my Dad paid for me to have a custom built electric guitar made by a local craftsman called Bob Gill. 

It was around the time of the millennium and the first time I played it live was New Year’s Eve 1999 in Chew Magna village hall with my covers band at the time. 

This guitar ‘The Eclipse’ had a coil tap so I could get a les Paul double pickup tone and easily switch to a single coil bridge pickup sound to replicate sharp strat sounds which made it very easy for me to replicate John Frusciante’s sharp choppy tone when I was in the Red Hot Chilli Pepper tribute band. 

The Eclipse style fret inlays were designed by my uncle Steve it was around the time there was a complete solar eclipse in England. Bob cut the mother of pearl shapes with a scalpel. 

In 2006 it was stolen in a robbery from my parents home. The home insurance paid for a PRS replacement but I was so use to playing this guitar it was never the same. 

Soon after that I quit my bands and started and became occupied with the online marketing of guitar lessons and didn’t play again. This is not something I regret because I did very well and wanted to progress in life beyond just playing guitar.

The last gig I played was with Elguapo on the main stage at Ashton Court Festival in 2006. 

I still want to play again but have not managed to find the right creative inspiration yet. 

Charlie Barrett Bodybuildet – 1 week out – Bristol Ministry of Fitness 

“Charlie can I get a photo with you”
Charlie Barrett “not until you do some exercise I’ve been here an hour and seen you do 3 sets, not even the power lifters in here take that long”.

You become who you surround yourself with, that’s the great thing about Ministry of Fitness, the people who go there are serious.

Charlie is not talking about the rugby, the weather, the bus timetables, or what he did on Friday night, the only thing he wants to know is why I’m not working harder on each set. That’s the difference between pretenders and showstoppers they’re cut from a different cloth.


In this photo Chatlie is 18.5 stone 1 week out from his comp. Here’s an episode with me and Charlie from earlier this year.