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Action vs. Identity 

Only a change in identity creates a lasting result. Adjustments in action and behaviour will slowly creep back in line with however you define yourself. Great example. Here’s a guy who got in shape for a movie (behaviour level) but he defines himself as an actor not a bodybuilder (identity level) and so the behaviour will not be maintained. The Spartan workout was all the rage around the time that movie came out, everybody wanted to know the secrets of how the actors got so ripped… so does it work? well initially yes, but in the long term behaviour is irrelevant … only identity works. Compare that to The Rock who does not exercise for movie roles (behaviour), The Rock IS a bodybuilder (identity). big difference

Handstands & Circus Acrobatics in Bristol, United Kingdom

Today I played in the park with some ex Circomedia students, CJ Ory & Link Omega. Link is a fire, stilt, acrobat and walkabout performer. CJ is primarily a contortionist and also does fire stilt and walkabout too.   

It’s always nice to hear thoughts from different people, since everybody has different attitudes towards training. CJ and Link are very easy to be around and have a playful attitude towards training which is very fitting with my own approach. 

Link gave me a small tip about having my hands slightly further apart in order to press from a crow position up into a handstand, other wise a narrow hand position relies fully on triceps and strict form which is very difficult. By making that adjustment it allowed me to perform this move for the first time ever which I was very pleased about.

 Link has more of what I think of as a “strength” style of hand balancing which allows him to lower himself down into a planche and rest his body weight on one elbow then press back up into a handstand. He can also do tumbling moves which make him an impressive performer for walkabout since its moves that few FSG (fire stilt and grind) people can do. 

CJ being a contortionist can do moves that neither Link or Myself could do such as walking over into bridge and then back into handstand. 

A lot of interesting conversation came up about being heavy and muscly vs having a better strength to weight ratio. 

The thing I like most about these guys is they are both ambitious and have good attitudes towards life and career goals. They are both amused by my wildly ambitious goals and they believe – as I do – that anything is possible. It’s nice to be able to talk about long term ambitions with seriousness with people who will accept the possibility of such goals. 

More Handstands at Funky Monkey Studio in Bath! 2nd Class 

Tonight was the second instalment of the 6 week handstand block at Funky Monkey Yoga Studio in Bath. 

There were some new faces this evening which was nice! 

After we had warmed up thoroughly we began practising jumping up into a tucked handstand position from our knees. Then straddles, then normal kick ups. 

You can find out about my handstand classes in Bristol & Bath here.

Ben Lowrey