Bristol Handstand Classes – MoveGB or Drop-in

The 5 new weekly handstand classes in Bristol are going great at Tobacco Factory in Southville, Bubalu on Gloucester rd. and Matter Wholefoods in Easton!

I’ve had almost 100 beginners attend the classes since I began in 2015.

Check out this video of some of the latest handstand moves I’ve been working on!

People attend the class for different reasons, some wish to incorporate handbalancing into their yoga, some to aid with their circus acrobatics, some for strength & fitness, some for their breakdancing or capoeira, and many just for fun and personal challenge!

If you can hold a plank for 30 seconds and hold downward dog for 30 seconds you have enough strength for a handstand. 

If you are curious about attend the class, feel welcome to drop in, or MoveGB members can attend as part of their membership plan at no extra cost.

Here is the information page. 

Ben Lowrey

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Ben Lowrey is a Bristol based Acrobat, Internet Entrepreneur, Handstand Teacher, Talkshow Host & Law of Attraction enthusiast. More info >>
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