Bristol MoveGB handstand class proving popular!

It could finally be time to begin an additional mid week handstand class in Bristol! The Sunday 2pm slot is proving popular with MoveGB members and I don’t think it will be long until I could justify a 2nd weekly class. Check out this video from last Sunday’s class at Bubalu on Gloucester rd.


There were several beginners in the class today and I’m thinking of giving different exercises to different people depending on their level. It’s hard to predict how people’s bodies will handle handstands until they try. Some people have plenty of strength but limited flexibility, and their body will respond very differently to somebody who has plenty of flexibility but limited strength.

22-11-2015 - MoveGB handstands




I am keen to keep introducing new exercises. We’ve focused primarily on straight handstands but I think working on a variety of different inversions such as arm balances, head stands is a good idea because they contribute to general upside-down body awareness, control, and endurance.

Something I realise more and more is that flexibility is crucial for good control. A person who has a lot of flexibility will be able to press into a handstand with much more elegance because they can move through the required range of motion without jumping.

22-11-2015 - MoveGB handstands 5

I have been working hard to practise new moves so that I’ve got more to teach the people who attend. I’ve been working on forward role from handstand, and I’ve been working on an elegant way of getting from straight handstand to straddle through a tuck and diamond. Also I’ve been working on one-arm and walking but those aren’t ready to show yet.






22-11-2015 - MoveGB handstands 19



22-11-2015 - MoveGB handstands 22

For further details go here.

MoveGB members can search for the Showstopper handstand class on Sunday at 2pm or anybody can drop in for £5. 

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