Broga at Bristol City Yoga. It’s Yoga, but not just for Bro’s!

I’ve been attending Ashley Russell’s Broga class for 2 months now and instantly got hooked.

It’s held at Bristol City Yoga on a Tuesday night and is available on MoveGB.

Like all people who attend Broga, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. Was it going to be super difficult?  Was it going to be like a fitness circuit? Was it going to resemble normal yoga at all?

I was pleasantly surprised. Broga is challenging in all the right ways, fun in all the right ways, contains good amounts stretching to feel like you are progressing in your flexibility, and is definitely a yoga class in its format.

Broga is the exact opposite of the stereotypical ‘gentle’ yoga class which people fear they will have to yawn through. It’s perfectly entertaining.

What’s perhaps most surprising about it is its populated with the normal amount of females you would expect to see in any normal yoga class, and the usual 25% or Bros! Ashley has a great sense of humour and makes everybody feel welcome.

The idea behind Broga is very simple, it’s intended to make men feel welcome in the world of yoga.

You can find Ashley’s class info here 

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