Circus Contortion & Bodybuilding in Bristol, UK

If you are interested in gaining ultra-flexibility then you had better speak to Circus Contortionist CJ Ory. Originally from Switzerland she has trained at Circomedia circus school in Bristol, United Kingdom.

In this video she explains how ultra-flexibility can be dangerous if you don’t have the strength to support the positions you end up in, and so some strength training or bodybuilding can be very important to stay safe.

As a natural bodybuilder I don’t suffer from a lack of strength, quite the opposite, I’m interested in gaining more flexibility which I why I thought it would be interested to train with CJ Ory and get some cross pollination of our knowledge.

We trained at Ministry of Fitness Gym in Kingswood where I am a personal trainer. 

CJ has just come back from Bestival festival where she was performing Fire, Contortion, Dance and walkabout. 

In this video I explain how I intend to become a hand balancer but an increase in flexibility is a high priority especially if I want to be able to do more advanced moves which requires better forward bend, bank bend and splits.

In short, the more flexible you are the less strength you need because you can get your centre of gravity where it needs to be with out over stretching yourself too much. That’s why a small more flexible performer can do thing that a bigger stronger less flexible person cannot do.

You can find CJ Ory on facebook and you can find me, Ben Lowrey here

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