Concluded! First 6 week Handstand Course at Funky Monkey Studio complete 

We’re pleased to announce the next 6 week handstand block at Funkey Monkey Studio in Bath begins Tuesday 3rd November 6pm.

The first block went well and everybody enjoyed themselves. People made massive progress in stability & confidence and a few of the girls were balancing on their own for several seconds at a time.

We worked on a range of different exercises each week, sometimes individually, sometimes in pairs, and sometimes using the wall or whatever pillar was available.

We practised a range of different shapes including straight handatands, straddles and tucks, and we also kicked up in a range of different ways including cartwheeling in.

I will be planning some new interesting exercises for the next block to ensure the attendees have a variety of things to practise.

Flexibility is highly important for handstands but since the sessions are only 1 hour long I feel it’s best to focus on practising handstands whilst we’re there and then people can progress their own flexibility in the own time.

>> Next block begins Tuesday 3rd November. 6pm.

>> Discount code BL15BJKW

>> Members be sure to log on and register yourself so we know you’re attending.

I’ve also been attending Pole Dance classes at Funky Moneky Studio which are also great fun. The same discount code works for any of the courses not just handstands so make sure you put it to use.