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Thank you for showing interest in Fitness & Fatloss with Ben Lowrey!

This is an opportunity to try one-on-one personal training, in Easton, Bristol, to help you achieve your fitness & body transformation goals. This is tailored to your needs to help you achieve your personal goals.

You can book any time by contacting: or 07747571426

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imagePrice for one-on-one Personal Training is

£25, or £20 for social media participants.

Bring a friend and share the cost? Price for 2 people in the same session is

£18 each, or £15 for social media participants.

What is a social media participant?

All this means is, we may film bits of the workout so I can put it on facebook & YouTube. Also we’ll get a good photo of us and tag it on facebook. Please note, filming is generally fun and people enjoy showing the video to friends afterwards, this is not intended to embarrass anybody, it’s only intended to make us look cool and to help with my marketing. – If you don’t wish to do that it’s ok, just pay the regular price instead.

Here are examples of videos I did with previous Social Media Participants!

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