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Today I felt inclined to work more on flexibility than shoulder strength. I feel that my flexibility is a significant limiting factor for my goals, and I feel my flexibility needs to most work and time and attention.

Most people don’t think of flexibility being a major factor in handstands or pole dancing but it really is. The more flexible you are the less strength you need. The more flexibility you have the easier you’ll get your centre of gravity to where it needs to be. 

Holding a straight handstand requires the shoulders to open to a point that’s beyond most people’s range of motion. Said differently, most people aren’t straight if they put their hands in the air, the back will bend to compensate for the shoulder angle that isn’t fully open. In other words they borrow from the back to give to the shoulders. 

A bent back takes strength and stability away from the handstand. People may hold it but they will tire quicker than somebody who’s back is stacked straight. So yes folks, a straight handstand requires a lot of flexibility. 

Also a similar situation happens at the hips, if the quads and hip flexors at the front are tight, the legs won’t fully straighten, some of the angle will be borrowed from the lower back causing a slight curve in the lower back or a “duck bum” situation. When in the handstand position this manifests as a piked angle at the hips as aposed to straight.

I teach handstands in Bristol and Bath currently at Funky Monkey Studio in Bath, Pink Kitten Dance School in Bristol, Matter wholefoods  in Easton, and Wilder Studio in Stokes Croft. Funky Monkey and Pink Kitten also offer Yoga Classes and Pole Dancing Classes.

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