Handstand Pike from Wall – Balanace Practise – Bristol

Sometimes I work on kicking up, but today I fancied just working on balance. By starting facing the wall, in a piked position with the toes touching the wall, it’s a good opportunity to practise straightening the legs and shoulders and back.

One glitch I had to improve was the temptation to duck my bum outwards as a way of making the back feel more comfortable. The trouble is it creates a curve in the lower back, so I consciously tucked my tail bone under to flatted then line of my lower back. It’s less comfortable.

Once I had got to the straight handstand position I tried my best to squeeze my glutes to open the hips into a straight line, but because my quads and hip flexors on the front need stretching they tend to pull and close the hip angle slightly.

If you are in Brisotl or Bath then look out for handstand classes that I’m teaching or assisting. I also planning to teach at festivals and more yoga studios soon.

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Ben Lowrey is a Bristol based Acrobat, Internet Entrepreneur, Handstand Teacher, Talkshow Host & Law of Attraction enthusiast. More info >> about.me/benlowrey
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