Handstand Shape Examples – Shoulder, Hip & Back Flexibility

Here is my attempt to explain the basic handstand shape and the limits of shoulder and hip flexibility that effect most people. There are several different configurations but once you watch this video you will see there are a limited number of scenarios which are easy to understand. It most cases the average person will have a shape like number 2 or number 3 due to limited shoulder and hip flexibility.

All of us need to continue to stretch out our shoulders to open them out, and we need to stretch the quads and hip flexors to open out our hip angle, and we need to stretch our back bend to allow us to do more interesting shapes, and we also need to stretch our forward bend to stop the hip tilting lordosis which makes the bum stick out and contributes to the hip angle having to close to compensate.

Anybody who is serious about handstands will need to spend significant amounts of time progressing their flexibility, even to achieve a straight handstand!

Ben Lowrey – Bristol, UK.


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Ben Lowrey is a Bristol based Acrobat, Internet Entrepreneur, Handstand Teacher, Talkshow Host & Law of Attraction enthusiast. More info >> about.me/benlowrey
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