Handstand Workshop at Funky Monkey Studio Bath

Today we ran a 2 hour core-stability and handstand class at Funky Monkey Studio in Bath!

Funky Monkey is a Pole Dance, Aerial, Yoga, and Dance studio on the lower Bristol Road.

We began with a lot of warm up exercise which are very important for handstands. After warming our joints and stretching, we began some conditioning exercises which are designed to develop the strength and posture required for a good handstand.

Believe it or not, a straight handstand requires a lot of flexibility. Most people’s shoulders do not open fully and stay slightly closed. Because of this, some of the angle is borrowed from the back in order to make the arms go straight. This results in slightly closed shoulders and a slightly curved back, and then the hips have to pike to get the balance right, in other words, it’s not a straight handstand.

What needs to happen is to stretch the shoulders further open over time so the back can be straight and in turn the hips, making a straight handstand.

We conditioned this position by laying flat in the floor, pressing our arms out as if they were in a handstand, and pressing our armpits into the ground, but sucking our tummy button off the ground to flatten the arch in the lower back and achieve a straight spine.

We also did core conditioning exercises such as 7-minutes to heaven which involved planks, side planks and other positions.

After that we got into pairs and practised spotting each other for lots of different handstand shapes including tucks, straddles and lever ups.

Everybody enjoyed themselves and we are looking forward to hosting more handstand classes soon.

I also teach in Bristol and soon will be teaching at many more yoga and pole studios around the South West.

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