My housemate wanted help with fat loss… here’s the 4 things I told her

4 tips for fat loss

1) Fitness classes are designed to be entertaining, to keep people coming back.

There’s no need for a massive variety of movements. Squats, sprints and a few other intense compound exercises are enough to burn fat and change your body shape.

The fundamentals are boring, and most people like to think that a new variation, a new ab twist, and new piece of equipment, will give them an edge or a shortcut to their goal.

2) There’s no point discussing a diet plan initially. It’s more powerful to address the vision of who you want to be, how you want to look, and how you want your life + body to feel.

The behaviour will fall in line with that vision. If you start creating limitations + rules about what to eat without creating the bigger vision of your goal, eventually the eating habbits will fall – by default – back in line with your historic identity.

If you have an exciting vision of your new desired lifestyle, your behaviour will fall in line to make that happen.

3) We become who we spend time with. If you spend time with people who eat badly and don’t exercise, our behaviour will approximate theirs because our need for love + connection will overrule other goals.

Surround yourself with people who have high standards for health and fitness and your behaviour will fall in line to win their respect + acceptance.

4) Aim to do more exercise, eat more food, and burn more fat.

If you think in terms of restricting diet, you’re operating from a confined + restricted + limited mindset. Think in terms of more.

People who try to spend less, do less, & earn less, end up backing themselves into a corner financially, until eventually they can’t afford to do nice things and their choices become less and less.

Rather than spending less, aim to make more.

It’s the same with diet. Train more, eat more, burn more. Then when you do shave a bit off your calorie intake you have a massive amount of leeway for it to make a difference.

That doesn’t mean you’ll go crazy, you still have to observe the calories-in vs. calories-out principle, but you’ll be approaching it with an attitude of revving everything up instead of cutting everything back.

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