Joe Rogan & Ben Lowrey – in the year 2025

This is a future conversation on the Joe Rogan Podcast in the year 2025. 


JR. Ben welcome to the show.

BL. Thanks for having me Joe.

JR. Firstly, you’re an hour late. what happened?

BL. Yeah sorry about that. We just got done with Oprah, got chatting to Arnold in the green room, came straight here, sorry to keep you waiting. 

JR. Your fucking entourage is unbelievable. How the hell do you need 20 people. it’s like a state visit.

BL. Well this is unusual, we’re on tour at the moment so there’s a lot going on, we have a lot of headline acrobats with us, and their partners, their assistants, so it ends up being a lot of people. They’re not all here for me. We have a lot of fun on the road.

JR. Are you flying or on buses? how does it work?

BL. We do both, but a lot of the time we’re on tour buses. We try to keep the costs down wherever possible. 

JR. You’re unique, this has never been done before. You’ve turned these movement retreats into a mainstream thing.

BL. Yeah we have over 60 events every weekend all over the world. Some of them are small weekend emersions with only 20 people. Some are big festival style things with 5,000 people. We can have between 1,000 and 10,000 people people in our events every weekend. 

JR. That’s fucking insane.

BL. Yeah we’re doing about $2m a week in sales at the moment. We just had somebody offer $500m to buy us out. 

JR. Are you gunna take it?

BL. Not right now. At the moment I’m enjoying it all and I can see a lot of room for growth. There’s new avenues we haven’t even explored yet. Maybe $1B would tempt me. but who knows. 

JR. So what are your plans?

BL. Well we’re in talks with TV networks about creating a reality TV show. We’re just about to acquire a chain of gyms in Europe. and we have big branding deals with product companies and clothing lines in the works so there plenty going on. 

JR. You must be living like a rock star.

BL. Yes and no. I am in the media quite a bit with interviews like this and I’m featured in a lot of the videos. But for the most part we’re just in the mix with everybody, up at 4am, teaching classes, training. It’s not about me, it’s about the classes, the courses, the events, the customers. 

JR. Tell us about camp showstopper.

BL. Well that’s how it started. We were taking a big marquee to festivals where we offered yoga and acrobatic classes all weekend. Plus we made it look cool with big Tipis and Bells tents and big flaming torches, made it look super tribal and exciting, I like to make everything as exciting as possible, you know, give people an experience. From there it grew and we started putting on our own events and camp showstopper evolved into our camping area where me and my wife and the staff stay. So now it’s a nest of Tipis and Bell tents but we still call it camp showstopper. 

JR. Tell us about the online videos.

BL. That’s a big part of what we do and a big part of the sales. It’s an old business model I’ve been running for years since I was doing online guitar lessons. We produce great tutorials and they’re available for sale online. Handstand tutorials, etc. 

JR. There must be a tonne of that stuff online for free.

BL. There is but we get the best teachers and produce the best videos. Plus we combine it with membership packages and discounts on the lessons so they get a unique deal. We’re kind of like a record company for acrobats, we sign acrobats and they can only do stuff with us. 

JR. And how’s that going.

BL. Teachers are cued up around the block to sign with us. They make good money with us. For many of them they retire after signing with us. They don’t have to work, they can focus on their training. We basically split the money with them. 

JR. That’s fucking nuts. You’re like the Dana White of yoga and acrobatics.

BL. Yes.

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