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Free Membership: Many of the pages are only accessible to registered members. This level will get you access to the Video Interviews & News letter! (Registration is free. Click here to Register or Login)


Inner Circle Membership
This level includes all of the above and much much more.
As an inner circle member you get

1) Download interviews as mp3 audio for your iPod. Take the interviews with you wherever you are.

The interviews are all free to watch, but as an inner circle member you get the convenience of being able to download the mp3 audio so you can listen to the interviews even when you are away from your computer.

*** Note, the interviews are still in the process of being converted to mp3 audio. Not all of them are converted. If you find an interview that you want which does not currently have an audio link then drop me a message using the “Hot Line” tab on the left.***

2) Unlimited access to Ben’s project’s, full explanations of letters and the document templates.

Currently there is only 1 example of successful project availble to Inner Circle members. This was a debt collector who sent a letter to confirm they had closed the account after receiving 3 noticed fro Ben. Inner Circle members get access to an extended video explanation from Ben and can download the actual word document to use as template letters.

*** Note, I have removed lots of projects from my website which were things which did not work. I do not want to encourage people to do things which do not work. I am very strict about this and I take a very dim view of other people who make false claims and exagerate the effectiveness of their idaes ***

3) Hot Line. Inner Circle Members can message Ben.

This does not mean you get to have unlimited conversation with Ben but it does mean if you send him a message he will respond. This can be very helpful if you just want to ask a quick question, ask for a particular link, or ask for clarification on something. This is not a mentoring serivice.

Trial the Inner Circle
 for only $8 for the first month

Only $1 this month!


4) Learn how to create your own internet business and earn passive income from your sales.

Inner Circle members get free access to Ben’s famous Internet business training program “Your Online Cash System” which was created in 2007.

(usual price $97) Click here to take a look at the website

Includes 2 hours of detailed audio of Ben, teaching you how to build an internet business that sells downloadable products while you sleep.

Also includes a written transcript.

5) Two hours of rare and exlusive audio interview between Ben Lowrey and Mark Anastasi.

Mark is one of the most well known internet business experts. In this rare and exclusive interview, you can hear these two friends discussing the hurdles and pitfalls of internet marketing and how they found their way to passive income heaven!

Draw from their experience, learn from their mistakes, save your self time, find out what works.

6) Do What You Love & Love What You Do

In this one hour video course you will learn from Ben how you can find freedom in making your living from doing what you enjoy and doing what interests you. This course will give you lots of thought provoking ideas for how you could create your own business based on the things which interest you. Many people believe it’s not possible to make money from doing what you enjoy but in this course you will learn otherwise. Ben has been particularly successful in always making money from the things which interest him and will teach you how you can do exactly the same. The internet provides possibilities which were never before possible.

*** This course is genuine educational information, this is not a multi level marketing sales pitch, you will not be asked to promote anything in order to earn commision ***

7) Free access to Ben’s popular “Ultimate Self Esteem and Enjoyment of Life” Audio program. (Usual price $27)

This is an audio course aimed at people who are not sure about what to do next in life. If you are searching for some inspiration, some ideas, some reassurance, some encouragement, then this audio program might just give you the gentle push you need.

And, with this product, I grant you 1 license to give this to a person of your choice. It may be the case that you are already confident and inspired about your life but in listening to this audio program you might have the idea that it would benefit somebody you know.

(The feedback I get from people who bought this course is beyond words. I’m almost embarrassed by the extent of the thanks I receive)


8) *** New Inner Circle members get a 20 minute welcome conversation with Ben via skype ***

Skype image


** Temporary Offer **

9) The first month you can trial this offer for only $1.
There is no catch. You only pay $1 today, and begin recieving all the benefits immediatly!

*** NEW NOTICE : fix your membership at only $8 per month by joining today. The Inner Circle is proving to be very popular and I intend on raising the price to $15 which is a more accurate reflection of the value of the content. Please join today for only $1 and fix your price at $8 per month. Soon it will cost new members $15 per month to join the Inner Circle. This could be your last chance to get on board at only $8 per month. Note : Once your price is fixed it cannot raise  ***



1) Download the interviews as mp3

2) Unlimited access to Ben’s project’s, full explanations of letters and the document templates.

3) Hot Line. Inner Circle Members can message Ben.

4) Ben’s famous Internet Business Training Course – “Your Online Cash System”
(usual price $97)

5) Two hours of rare and exlusive audio interview between Ben Lowrey and Mark Anastasi.
(This alone is very insightful! Save yourself time and money by learning from these guys what works and what doesn’t!)

6) DO WHAT YOU LOVE & LOVE WHAT YOU DO! An Introduction to being Self Employed. 1 hour video course.

7) Ben’s popular “Ultimate Self Esteem and Enjoyment of Life” Audio program

(Usual price $27)



8) A twenty minute welcome conversation with Ben via skype

Skype image

First month only $1 today

9) You only pay $1 today for the first month.
And then it’s $8 per month after that.
You can choose to unsubscribe at any time.

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