MoveGB Handstand & Fitness Classes in Bristol & Bath

Have you heard of MoveGB? It’s a way of attending unlimited fitness & yoga classes each month for one monthly fee,  it works out much cheaper than the price you would pay for attending individual classes.

It’s like a gym membership but instead of being based in one location they have a wide variety of teachers delivering classes in many locations around the United Kingdom, from AcroYoga to Dance to Personal Training and everything in between.

From 25th October I will be offering Handstand Classes, Group Fitness Classes and Personal Training to Move GB members in Bristol (and soon Bath). 

They have several price tiers, the lowest tier is less than £2 per week for people who only want to attend 1 class, and £9.99 per week for people who want to attend unlimited classes! Compared to many drop-in rates which can often be £10 per class, MoveGB is a no brainier for people who want to get more active.

The other great thing is the wide variety of activities they have on the menu, you can easily see a list of classes in your area and get involved with activities you may not have tried before.

Why not come and try my Handstand or Fitness Classes in Bristol? My first fitness class will be at Matter Wholefoods in Easton, Bristol at 11:30am on Sunday 25th October 2015. My first Handstand class will be at 2pm at Bubalu on Gloucester Road. (and every Sunday thereafter) 

You can join MoveGB here 

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