New Block of Handstand Classes begins at Funky Monkey Studio. Bath

Today was the first handstand class in the new 6 week block at Funky Monkey Studio, Bath. I arrived to find 11 people waiting to begin learning handstands. A record turn out! 

Funky Monkey is a Yoga, Pole and Aerial Fitness studio on the lower Bristol road.

I had just collected a new car after a drunk driver wrecked my last one and had spent some extra time parking it carefully where nobody could drive into it! I arrived just in time to begin the warm up and meet the new students.

We spent plenty to if time warming up, stretching out hamstrings, hips, wrists and forward bend which is all very important for handstands. The better forward bend you’ve got the easier it is to lift up. 

Several people were complete beginners so ee practised the basic straight handstand shape laying on the floor, enguaging the abs, glutes, pointing the legs and toes and straightening the arms.

After that we practised holding a straight handstand facing the wall with nose touching the wall. This encourages a straight shape.

After that we practised tucks and regular kick ups spotting each other. With so many people in the class there was a lot of energy in the room and it kept me on my toes. 

Everybody had fun and we’re all looking forward to next week. In the mean time I will be attending Pole dancing classes at Funky Monkey because it’s difficult and fun!

Ben Lowrey 

To check class times in Bristol & Bath go here