Planche Conditioning – Bristol, UK

By watching different Planche tutorials each time I train, I am among to quickly learn a wide variety of different condition techniques toward being able to hold a Planche and also press up into handstand.

Living in a world of social media an YouTube makes it so much easier to learn from a variety of teachers for free!

I was very excited to finally be able to press myself off the ground in a tucked position with straight arms.

For the longest while I was able to just about press off the ground with bent arms at the elbow which puts the shoulder in a stronger position but ultimately is not what is required for a correct Planche.

Something I have learned is that elbows and knees can be straightened by deliberate pressing them straight, it feels I comfortable but over time the tendons and ligaments will adapt to what’s being asked of them.

I also spent time working on my forward bend which is a massive limiting factor which obstructs me from being able to press up from the floor. The closer you can get your knees to you shoulders the easier it is to press off the floor so the feet can pass by the floor without scraping and stopping the press. 

This video diary was filmed at Ministry of Forness in Lingswood Bristol.

At the end I worked on a back bend against the wall in handstand position known as Mexican.

If you would like to see when / where I’m teaching handstands in Bristol & Bath go to the CIA website

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