Podcast Guest Infomation

Thank you for your interest in the Ben Lowrey Podcast!

If you would like to be a guest, or nominate a guest, please email benlowrey@me.com with an indication of what you would like to talk about.

Please include:

1) Your name as you would like it to appear

2) Description about yourself, as you would like it to appear. Include any important links.

3) Primary + Secondary topics that are important to you.

4) Your favourite photo

5) Let me know 2 available time slots in the next week.

6) Please read the following carefully, and let me know A, B or C. 

What to expect:

I prefer to keep the conversation spontaneous and unplanned. A general theme and few bullet points is all I need.

When we start the call my Skype will already be recording, we will jump straight into the conversation.

I prefer it if we don’t have a conversation to discuss what we’re going to discuss, as this robs the call of spontaneity.

Its not live, so if you do say something you wish you hadn’t I can remove it.


The podcast is recorded via Skype, using audio only. The most important principles are:

  1. My voice must not be on loud speaker because it creates an echo. Have the phone to your ear like a normal phone call, or use headphones / headset.
  2. The microphone must be close to your mouth. The built in microphone on a computer or laptop is not suitable, because the distance reduces your voice quality. Use a headset with a microphone, or hold the phone to your ear.

Please let me know which method you intend to use

A) Skype on a desktop computer, with wired headset

B) Skype app on the phone, with wired handsfree earbuds, or

C) Skype app on the phone, with the phone to your ear.

Please Note: Bluetooth handsfree is not suitable because it reduces your voice quality.

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