Sun Salutation adaptation! The Showstopper Salutation! – Bristol 

Ok so I’m kind of joking. The sun salutation does not need replacing, it contains a great forward bend, hip stretches and a back band, no complaints, but I did need a routine to improve my shoulder strength for planching.

I’m currently working towards planche, (that’s when you’re in a plank, but with your feet off the ground!)

The only way to do that is to lean forward to the centre of gravity goes over the hands and the feet can rise, essentially a handstand but with the body in a horizontal position.

Here’s the catch, it takes a tremendous amount of strength in shoulders to lean that far forward, especially with straight arms, for some reason it’s slightly easier with bent elbows although I’m not entirely sure why.

It also requires a tremendous amount of core strength, (even that I don’t know why! I’m not sure what exactly the abs are doing but you can sure as hell feel them contracting!)

The easiest place to start lifting the feet off the ground is in a tucked position with the knees tucked into the chest. This itself quickly runs up against flexibility limits with legs having to tucks whilst straight arms having to press! It’s a tough one. But I’m determined to get it!

So, in short, the showstopper salutation is a few moves which hopefully will help me condition the relevant strength and flexibility.

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