Red Hot Yoga – Guildford Surrey – Handstand Workshop 

It was my pleasure to teach Handstands again at Red Hot Yoga Surrey! It’s always nice to re-visit a studio and see familiar faces.

This was a 2 hour workshop, slightly longer than my regular 90 minute class. Everybody who enrolled was very capable and made good progress through the session.

We started with drills in the same way a gymnastics class would begin. I ask people to try a range of different movements including cartwheels, jumping to crow, bunny hops, and reagular handstands.

I make sure everybody feels safe, people are instructed to work at their own pace and I always explain simpler and more challenging versions of each exercise.

The drills help people get out of their head and into their body, loosening up and getting in the flow is half the battle.

Once we’ve finished with the line drills we get into pairs and spot each other for straight Handstands. I always make time in the class to work on yoga style Inversions such as crow variations and forearm stands.

We also do many exercises against the wall, this is a great way of progressing shoulder strength and endurance and also finding balance. I ask everybody to practise both ways faceing towards and away from the wall.

A fun part of every workshop is making time for photographs. This might seem like just vanity, but the reality is – people love to get a photo of themselves doing a great handstand. Let’s face it, this is acrobatics and it’s all about showing off our skills. 

I look forward to my next visit to Red Hot Yoga in Guildford.

If you would like me to visit your studio please find my information here.

Ben Lowrey


Handstand Classes at Wilder Studios in Stokes Croft Bristol – MoveGB

When I asked people what was the nicest Dance / Yoga Studio in Bristol, they unanimously replied “Wilder Street Studios”.

I must agree, it has a calm and peaceful atmosphere. I’ve enjoyed many dance evenings there. Something about the combination of  natural light, generous space, plants, and mirrors, gives it a balanced feel. 

I decided this was the perfect place to put on a new Handstand Class at 4:30pm every Tuesday. The class is listed MoveGB, or non-MoveGB members can drop in for £7.

I am optimistic that this will a popular! My showstopper handstand class is a fun class designed to progress students towards a solid and confident handstand.

We will work on a wide range of exercises designed to progress flexibility, strength, endurance, alignment and balance.

We will work in pairs to spot each other and also against the wall to develop a confident and controlled entry into the handstand.

The class is enjoyable and interactive and there is plenty of opportunity to work in pairs and meet new people. Many people find the journey towards handstand very addictive.

Fitness people will find this class useful to challenge themselves in new ways which are not part of the normal weighting & strength routines.

Yoga, Pole, Dance & Circus people will find this class useful to progress their stability and find ways to incorporate hand-balance into their routines.

We will also practise different leg shape positions as well as walking and cartwheeling into the handstand.

The class is popular with people from a range of different backgrounds including Yoga, Circus, Fitness, Pole, Capoeira, Break Dance.

Beginners are welcome, suitable exercises will be given to challenge each individual’s abilities.

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions.

Is the workshop suitable for beginners? Yes, so long as you can hold a
plank and a downward dog for 30 seconds each, you have enough body
strength for a handstand. Being able to hold a handstand against a wall
for at least 10 seconds is another good measure.

Is it suitable for people who can already handstand? Yes. Many of my
students have a gymnastic background, or are advanced Yogis who have
already mastered handstand to some degree. I will adapt the class to challenge whoever is present. It’s very rare for people to leave my class

Can children attend? Not really. It is an adult class. Teenagers who are
big enough to spot an adult are welcome to attend but I would prefer 15 as
a minimum age.

What should people wear? Normal comfortable gym/yoga clothes is

Do we work on other inversions besides handstand? Yes we will

spend a bit of time on forearm-stand, headstand, and crow variations

because they are relevant and fun and challenging, but most of the class
will be spent on handstand.

Can you really fill a 90 minute workshop with just handstands? Yes.
There is a lot to work on. Flexibility, Strength, Balance. We work in pairs to
spot each other and there is a lot of different exercises we will practise.

The class is very fast paced and 90 minutes flys by. People are often surprised at how challenging it is.  

What type of Handstand is it? Circus Handbalancing. We will train in the
way a professional Circus Handbalancer would train. Yoga, Capoeira,

Crossfit, Gymnastics, Break dance, all approach handstands in different
ways. The strictest form is Circus Handbalancing. 

You can view a short video on this page 

A 20 minute handstand tutorial is available to newsletter subscribers.

Bristol Handstand Teacher featured in Inspirational Documentary: What’s Your Story by James Light

James Light carefully selected several interesting people for his online movie What’s your Story. The only prerequisite being that everybody featured had chosen to make a big change in their life, and to pursue a life of their dreams.

I was very glad to spend the day filming with James and in that time we were able to do a full interview plus get footage of weightlifting, my Wednesday night Easton handstand class, and my Tumbling lesson at Axis Gymnastics centre, in Bristol.

I do different activities every day of the week and so if he had come a day earlier he would have found me doing Ballet at The Big Act, Yoga at Yogasara, and Trampoline at Axis!

James was very interested in the fact that I had made a big shift in my life 4 years earlier when all my hair fell out (total alopecia), I’d also got drawn into being a freedom activist promoting libertarian ideas, I had also gone bankrupt as a result of a string of tax problems and poor financial decisions whilst running my previous business which sold online guitar lessons.

After the worst was behind me, I decided to simplify my life and focus more on simple pelasures. I began attending circus acrobatic classes at Circomedia, and going to the gym regularly. Over a period of 3 years I became a successful handstand teacher and am pursuing a range of movement skills including ballet, contemporary, street dance, gymnastics, yoga, pole dance, powerlifting, bodybuilding, all in Bristol.

The documentary will feature my thoughts about my own journey and life.

My Bristol Handstand Classes can be found here: