Ben Lowrey

Hi, I'm Ben. I’m an ambitious entrepreneur living in Newport, South Wales.

I’ve had an unusual string of occupations which have ranged from Handstand Teacher, Professional Guitarist, Circus Performer, Hen Party Entertainer, Bodybuilder, Video Editor, Digital Marketer, and Podcast Host.

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These are the services I provide

Podcast & Live Stream Production

Editing & Upload

Facebook Live

Zoom Webinar

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Google & Facebook Ads

Audience Targeting & Re-targeting

Split Testing

I have experience with managing most of the advanced features Google Paid Advertising (Pay Per Click, and the Google display network), and Facebook Advertising. This experience comes primarily from managing…

Web Development

html css javascript

Theme Customisation

I am proficient with HTML CSS and JavaScript. I can customise WordPress Themes. I am in the process of learning how to submit and retrieve information from databases.

Video Production

video for gyms

video for influencers

video for property investors

video for seminars

In Summary Need Video? Video for Influencers Video for Networking Events Live Stream Production Video for Property Investors Video for Gyms Video for Retail

Businesses I am involved with

The Original Rebel

I recently partnered with a Bristol based gym chain to produce a subscription based online fitness program with a focus on fighting and function style training.

Hen Party Entertainment

I have worked as a Life Drawing Model for Hen Parties since 2013. Since then I have done over 1,500 bookings and I hire models all over the country with…


I recently became the Marketing Director of a private health clinic in Chippenham, Wiltshire. My responsibilities include managing pay per click, SEO, web development, analytics, social media, producing video content,…

My History and previous accomplishments


I began podcasting in 2010, covering a broad range of topics including health, mindset and business. My most popular interview had 230,000 YouTube views and I made 6 figures income…


In 2018 I built an L.E.D. lightshow to use at my Yoga and Handstand Workshops

Public Speaking

I periodically get invited to speak about internet marketing at business events.


Guitar was my main focus from age 9 to 24. I played in many bands and in 2006 I built a guitar lesson ecommerce website which I ran until 2009


In 2013 I began attending acrobatics classes and learned to handstand. I taught Handstand workshops around the county until 2019.


In 2012 I began weightlifting after my hair fell out due to total alopecia. In 2015 I competed in the British Natural Bodybuilding Federation.

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