Video Preview – first MoveGB Handstand Class in Bristol

Here’s an example of the type of thing we’ll be practising in the MoveGB Handstand class on Sundays, 2pm, at Bubalu, Gloucester rd, Bristol, UK. 

This handstand class is suitable for beginners, particularly yoga & fitness enthusiasts who already have some degree of body awareness & upper body strength. If you can do ‘downward dog’, a press up, and a plank, you should be fine learning handstands. 

We will work on a range of exercises  individually and in pairs, to increase our strength, stability and balance. 

Warning: handstands are very addictive and you may find yourself practising anywhere you can find a space or a wall once you leave the class! 

We will work on a range of different exercises, and shapes, using walls and by spotting each other. 

Depending on people’s hip flexibility we may be able to practising levering up from a forward bend position. 

If you are a yoga person you may enjoy jumping into a tucked handstand Kino Yoga style.

You can drop in to the class for £5, or MoveGB members can attend for free. MoveGB allows you to pay one monthly membership fee and then choose from hundreds of weekly yoga and fitness classes in your city. For £7.99 you can attend 3 classes per week and for £9.99 you can attend unlimited! Much cheaper than dropping in and paying for classes individually.

Once you are logged into Move GB, search for Ben Lowrey’s showstopper handstand class on Sunday at 2pm and register yourself for the class.

I also run a fitness circuit class at 11:30am on Sunday at Matter Wholefoods in Easton.

Here is a video from a previous class in Bath at Funky Monkey Studio.

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Ben Lowrey is a Bristol based Acrobat, Internet Entrepreneur, Handstand Teacher, Talkshow Host & Law of Attraction enthusiast. More info >>
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