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Many of you know – I have never had a job because I figured out how to make passive income online at a young age.

8 years ago, at age 23, I virtually retired after building a website that sold downloadable video guitar lessons.

After that I built a website that sold dating information to guys (based on The Game) which was also a popular product which made me passive income.

After that I embarked on a dangerous endeavour of challenging the government on their right to enforce law, believe it or not, hundreds of people were paying to watch my video diary and view the letters I was writing to courts, to police, and to banks.

After that I began promoting a company in America who teach people how to sue debt collectors and collect statutory damages on their illegal debt collection practices – A venture which I made further passive income from once I had set it up. (members of this one were so satisfied with the quality of the information that they remained paying members for an average for 24 months before leaving! – and I know why – they were making unholy amounts of money from suing banks, which is what the product teaches). Of course, I was not the legal expert, I was just making commissions from promoting their website.

After that I began producing fitness videos with free & premium content which members would pay to view.

Clickbank is not the only aspect to what I did, but it was a very central aspect of my online ventures. It is the system I used to find online products, offer online products, and manage my sales commissions. Thousands of people (including me) use Clickbank to build passive income.

Clickbank have now launched a product called Clickbank University which teaches people how to do what me and many others have done.

Here is a video presentation:

One thing I love about Clickbank, is all products are offered with a 60-day money back guarantee which is automatically handled. If customers are not satisfied with products they purchase, they can get a full refund without having to beg or ask or explain. This motivates Vendors to produce high quality content that people will be satisfied with.



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