Handstand Classes – Bath, UK. – Sept 2015

Ben Lowrey from Bristol will be teaching a 6 week block of handstand classes at Funky Monkey Studio in Bath.

Begins, Tuesday 15th Sept 6pm.

Funky Monkey Studio is a pole, aerial, and yoga space in Bath, United Kingdom, with a multitude of classes every week. Different membership options either allow people to book single block, or join a monthly membership which allows them to attend many more classes.

I will be teaching Beginners Handstands and Strength Conditioning. We will work in pairs spotting each other, we will work on shoulder and hip flexibility and shoulder strength.

We will work on a range of different exercises to practise holding a tuck, straight and straddle handstand.

This class is highly popular with yoga people who wish to increase their stability and upper body strength. Handstands are highly addictive and fun! Be warned!

For more information

>> funkymonkeystudio.com

>> about.me/benlowrey

>> tiny.cc/CIA < Ben's handstand class dates 

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