The Myth of Discipline

Eating clean is nothing nothing nothing to do with discipline or resisting cravings. There's not a person on the planet who can resist a sugar craving. It's more about preparation and planning. Eat the right things at the right times so the cravings don't happen. That's how it's done.

Similarly. Exercising consistently is nothing to do with discipline either. It's about having a vision in your mind that is so compelling and so exciting that wild horses could not drag you away from the gym.

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The Myth of  Disciplin-2

Grunting diaries

Today I arrived at the gym, looked around to examine the competition, and realised I could be in good standing to be chief grunter. There were a few dudes bigger than me but not as lean, and a few dudes leaner than me but not as big. I decided to test the waters on the first few sets with some grunts in line with a medium sized ape. Nobody responded with equal or better noise and so stepped up the volume to silver back gorilla and african rhino. With no other contenders I was in fact chief grunter. Win. It is quite possible I am the only one playing this game.