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Handstand leg shapes for Bristol Class – Sunday 2pm

Handstand Class Acro Yoga - Bristol - Bath - 07747571426

Hi guys, if everybody is feeling stable & confident in handstand class on Sunday, we could try some of these leg shapes. It’s nice to get familiar with the sensation of how the weight shifts in the hands as the

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Concluded! First 6 week Handstand Course at Funky Monkey Studio complete 

We’re pleased to announce the next 6 week handstand block at Funkey Monkey Studio in Bath begins Tuesday 3rd November 6pm. The first block went well and everybody enjoyed themselves. People made massive progress in stability & confidence and a

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Video Preview – first MoveGB Handstand Class in Bristol

Here’s an example of the type of thing we’ll be practising in the MoveGB Handstand class on Sundays, 2pm, at Bubalu, Gloucester rd, Bristol, UK.  This handstand class is suitable for beginners, particularly yoga & fitness enthusiasts who already have

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