Ben Lowrey


My name is Ben. I’m a creative entrepreneur, event organiser, & business owner, living in Rhondda Valley, South Wales.

I’ve had an unusual string of occupations including professional Guitarist, Handstand Teacher, Circus Performer, Bodybuilder, and Podcast Host.
These days my main focus is Property Developing, running my Hen Party Booking Agency, and organising the Real Awake Events
Feel welcome to contact me to discuss any business ventures.

I am a partner in the development of 11 houses.

Work commenced March 2022. Carmarthen, South Wales

Real Awake Events

Fun events for Spiritual people

Pentre Plaza

My First Property Renovation. Completed Spring 2021.

Plasmarl Swansea 

My second Property Renovation. Completed Spring 2023.

Hen Party Entertainment Ltd.

Established 2013, this has been one of my longest standing businesses. It started as a side hustle, and now does 250+ bookings per year, employing male models all over the country.


In 2013, I decided I wanted to learn how to Handstand.

From 2015 to 2019 I taught workshops all over the UK, produced extensive video tutorials, and ran movement bootcamps.

Alopecia & Bodybuilding

In 2013, my hair spontaneously fell out, total Alopecia.

This triggered me to become interested in fitness, because I was self conscious of how I looked.

In 2015 I competed in a Natural Bodybuilding Competition. (Natural = no steroids)


Guitar &

From age 9 to 22, I played electric guitar.

In my teenage years I taught guitar, and played in bands.

In 2006 I transitioned to uploading video guitar lessons to the internet. This was in the early days of YouTube (before smart phones and apps).

This resulted in which was very succesful for several years. In it’s best year it turned over £180,000 in sales.


Circoplex Lightshow

I’ve always been fascinated with ambient lighting.

In 2018 I spent 3 months building an adressable LED lightshow to use at my Yoga events. 


Plant Medicine

In 2008 I first did Ayahuasca at a Shamanic Ceremony in Glasonbury.

I didn’t do anything similar for another 13 years.

In 2021 I reconnected, this time with Magic Mushrooms.

I noticed massive mental health benefits.

Current Focus: The Real Awake Resort

My Current Focus is to find suitable land in South Wales to open a rural campsite / retreat.

Joint Ventures

I am open to discussing any kind of Joint Venture. Get in contact and let me know what you have in mind.